Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Time to fire up the old blog...

I had to heed Scott McLeod's call to name the education lies we have yet to overcome.

5 Things We Need to Stop Pretending:

  1. That the curriculum we have identified is the right one.  There's so much more to learn than what we currently value in school. 
  2. That kids won't work if they don't receive grades.  Feedback doesn't have to be in the form of a score.
  3. That field trips and other learning out of the classroom are a "loss of class time."  Aren't they learning from the real world?
  4. That kids can't, don't, won't...direct their own learning.  They might, if we let them.
  5. That this divide is untouchable:  elementary teachers teach kids and secondary teachers teach content.  This statement is only as true as we allow it to be.  If secondary teachers taught more like elementary teachers, we might have more joyful, curious, independent students.
There are more, but I'll stick to the 5-item challenge!


  1. A lot of field trips are pretty lame, unfortunately. That said, we could make them awesome!

    Love every item on your list... ('they might, if we let them!') Thanks for participating!

    1. Thanks! I agree that field trips could be terrible, but if we clarify their purpose and even individualize them, they could be fantastic. I often hear that non-teacher centered events are a "loss" to students. That's what kills me!

  2. I wholeheartedly believe everything you wrote here. You are so wise because you perfectly summed it all up. Thank you for the wonderful reminder of what is awesome about being your colleague.

  3. Thanks, Rachel--especially for creating authentic experiences for you kids in and out of the classroom. You inspire me!