VAIS Tech 2016

 This year I had the pleasure of presenting with Lisa Waters, Michelle Milner, and Michelle Plaut about how we integrated coding and language arts.  Here's our presentation slides!







Another successful year at NCTE! 11/22/13

This year Melissa and I presented at a roundtable session about digital medial for language arts classrooms.  Our topic was "Epubs:  from Creation to Publication." We shared resources for how teachers can use BookCreator, iBooks Author, iTunes Producer, and iTunes Connect.  Thanks to the lovely teachers and administrators who sat down with us to learn all about it!  You can find our resources here.

Apple Site Visit Presentation 4/12/13
Technology Integration:  A Success Story

Click here to see our writing, reading, and word study app suggestions.

Language Arts App handout

"Digital Portfolios:  Enhancing Metacognition through Blogging"

Today Melissa Scott and I presented at the VAIS Technology conference in Charlottesville, VA.  We wrote the proposal for our presentation about our fourth-grade blogging unit BEFORE we taught the unit, so the title of the presentation indicates how we thought the unit would go.  We thought the kids would learn to blog, use their blog as a reflective tool about their learning, and refer to their reflective posts throughout their student-involved parent conferences in March.  In reality, the students learned how to blog, how to comment, and how blogging can serve as a reflective tool.  We aren't all the way there with the true metacongitive potential of the blog, but it's a start.

Here is the link to our presentation.

Many thanks to Melissa for encouraging me to submit the proposal, helping to craft the presentation, and co-presenting with me even though she had her own session to present.  Thanks also to the people who attended our session.  We hope you learned something!

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