Tuesday, April 16, 2013

5 Reasons Why School is Not Preparation for the Real World

 While I'd love to see schools make massive overhauls to how they operate and educate, I wouldn't mind a few small shifts that would actually allow the "We have to prepare children for the real world" cliche to be true.

Here are just five of the many reasons why we aren't preparing them...  Add your reasons to mine!

1.  In real life, we don't walk in straight, silent lines from place to place.
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2.  In real life, if we need to stand up and move around to do our best work, we usually can.

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In real life, we are allowed (encouraged) to seek help from coworkers or other resources so we can be as efficient and successful as possible.

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In real life, we suffer the consequences of our poor choices, but the consequences are likely to be logical. 

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In real life, we are not grouped by age in our work.  We are grouped by interest and skill.

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  1. Great thoughts and observations. I thought of this one: "In life there are not many do-overs. If you get one make sure you have learned from the first time."