Thursday, May 17, 2012

Forget Thinking Outside The Box

Yesterday in New York City Seth Godin told us to dance on the edge of danger.  He told us to find our edge, to consider what we'd be willing to get arrested for.  He asked us to figure out whether or not we are doing something so important that we are willing to fail at it.  What story, he pushed, are we prepared to live?  Most passionately, he implored us not to wait for someone to pick us; we need to pick ourselves.

Most of the attendees were entrepreneurs, marketers, and writers.  But a few of us were educators, eager to hear more about Stop Stealing Dreams and how to "make school different."  About five of the questions asked all day centered on making change happen in schools.  What follows are MY major take-aways from his responses:

  1. At our school, we need to tell the same story.  All of us.  So who gets to decide the story?  And when?
  2. Would anyone miss us (the school) if we were gone?  If not, our story doesn't matter.
  3. We need to help kids find their superpowers and then celebrate those powers all the time.  Kids need to find their heroes among themselves.
  4. We need to understand the parents' worldview--they want their children to be successful.  Instead of fighting that, bank on it.  We want success, too.  Let us show you how...
  5. School can't change overnight.  We need to work from inside the box, lean against the walls, find the weakest wall, and leverage that weakness. Stop thinking outside the box!  Get in it--then bust through one wall.

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  1. Great reflection, Joey! I think it's time for us to dance on the edge and start making a ruckus!